Options for restroom styling

If the overdue matter renovation in the lavatory, always a matter of choice of modern and comfortable room styling toilet. Usually the building of restroom design includes choice of general style, inside washroom, selection of finish works of materials and lighting. In addition to this, it may should to carry out calculations of heating systems and water supply. With the styling of the bathroom, we need pay attention to the significant details, such so furniture. More often today the lavatory are: cupboards-columns, cabinets with counter and hanging cabinets, special chests. There is also a big number of typefaces, which is combined with the wardrobe mirror. In the price lists common names: a mirror with two closets, a mirror with a cupboard, shelf, mirror, mirror box. Combined with mirror cabinet is a perfect resolution to the matter of design a little space bathroom. On the design of the bath, the option here is huge: kassicheskaya, angle, and you can put just a douche. In wealthy clients at a premium hot tubs. In general, always a option bath styling by the customer based on their financial capacity or the size of the rooms. At the present time in finishing the restroom the most popular styles: retro, brutalism, ethnic, classical, country. Brutalism – bathroom styling, which involves the use of one-color floor tiles black, white or shades of gray. Bathroom furniture, in this case a massive chosen specifically creates a feeling of rudeness, with sharp shapes. Classic style – restroom styling, which is dominated by horizontal furniture made of organic stone. Their pattern and color should harmonize with floor tiles. Most often used in large apartment with marble countertops in combination with light colors of furniture. Country – lavatory styling, which is more than any other promotes rest and relaxation. This uses the wicker furniture from water resistant material, with floor tiles selected with ornaments in the form of branches and leaves or green shades. Wicker set and green walls create a simulation gazebo, located in a summer park. Retro – washroom styling, which is characterized by a light browned wall tiles and colored timbered with carvings. Creating an atmosphere of antiquity however facilitated by a simple wooden mirror frame. Ethnic style – bathroom design, which is a great opportunity to excite your imagination. This styling will feel same on a rocky island visiting mysterious natives. The basic substances for inside dressing in this kind of design are wood and stone. They are frequently rough-hew to make the impression of the masters of the wild native people. Color of the wooden and stone should be kept organic, it is best to apply darkness rich shades of dark-brown and gray.

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