Inexpensive bathroom repairs

When finances sing romances, keep to do repairs on their hands, not alone in living placement, but also in the bathroom. It happens that the required funds for a good repair is lacking, but to live in these circumstances, there is no strength. Let’s try to find ways to rehabilitation the washroom in which It is possible to save on substances and service of experienced craftsmen. I will give just a few recommendations, and you, please support this topic in the comments. Together we can find more solutions. However, try to make inexpensive bathroom repair. Replacement of sewer and h2o with your hands. Chances are, if It is possible to score a nail into the wall, so a little effort and self overpower replace sewer. Contemporary sewage pipes – plastic. They are easy to connect and get rubber seals. To give you an idea of however to do this later in the article is a video some the construction of sewer pipes. In the same video you will see instructions on however to create a of plastic material h2o pipe with his hands. Required tools indispensable to buy, often they can ask a friend or rent in the store (if your city is available) Renovation walls in the bathroom. If you do not have the financial ability to oblitsevat restroom wall wash tiles, To think of about alternatives. For example, why not sheathe their plastic (PVC). Simply attach to the walls of wooden bars 20×30 mm or similar every 25 centimeters. And on top of them with the development staples, nails, screws or little of plastic material mount. Cheap and cheerful! The plastic progress is easy to cut out with a knife or hacksaw. Be sure to purchase additional corners and other fittings for plastic. Sellers in the store progress materials likely to help you with this. Overhaul roof in the bathroom. If the roof is apartment, you can just paint with acrylic paint for areas with high humidity or lime. If the roof is uneven, so you can also beautify it with plastic panels. Overhaul floor in the toilet. But there was no tile, chances are you will not do. So you must first make a screed wood floor with their hand. For this you can use metal beacons, which are install by the level and combine of fixed screed decision and a small quantity of gypsum. After that, betwixt beacons fill sand-cement mortar and align rule and rail beacons. Give time to dry screed. Easier to lay floor tiles on a limited wash tile adhesive. He does not shrink and is very easy to apply. Later a duo of times on the wall tile you can walk. Set aqueduct. Install toilet and sink with his hand hard. However a rule, they were accompanied by instructions for the installer. Carefully follow the guidelines and you could do it, this is approximately basic advice on how to do inexpensive renovation bathroom.

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