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В Repair of rooms, often begins with a restroom, toilet and kitchen. Here, typically, the great front dusty work. These premises are expanding are, almost always, with the apply of ceramic tiles. She is the leader of finishing for the premises of this type. Earlier we go to the nearest store dressing materials, and is sold where ceramic floor tile, it is necessary to decide which floor tiles you wish for wrapping your premises. This, of course, not talking some the color of the tiles and ornaments on it. We are talking approximately the capacity of the floor tiles however a building material. For example, before you buy your favorite wall tiles for the cook room, it is necessary to determine the type and technical characteristics. The wash tiles in the kitchen space of several factors. This action of mineral salts, acids in sufficient quantities in detergents, and the impact of high moisture. Ceramic wall tiles, which are placed on the wood floor, in addition, must withstand intense wear when walking on it. In accordance with international standards tiles divided into 5 groups of resistance to abrasion. The most “hardy” is PEI-V. How flooring tiles used with the smallest slip. It need not be glossy, it is preferable to surface rough or dull. It is possible to walk on this wood floor without fear of falling. In terms of resistance to humidity floor tile is divided into eight groups. The first – has the lowest coefficient of water absorption, the last – the greatest. When choosing wash tiles for the bathroom, preferably ceramic tiles of the first two groups. If the wash tile is selected for facade country house, it want get good resistance to winter coldness. This capacity has the best wash tiles with lower moisture absorption. It has a code on the package AI or BI. Tile having code or A III B III – only suitable for indoor apply. Tile sizing may vary. It is up to you, but pay particular attention to the correctness of its geometry. The corners need be straight, shine edges, glazed surface with no spots and whitish edges. Grade floor tile marked on the package indicating its kind. Property can be determined by the color of the markings on the packing containers. Red marking – first property, blue – the second capacity, green – the third grade. But if you’re yet not sure what kind of wash tiles to select, seek professional help. Later all, the lining material shall not dish up for one year and work on replacing it very troublesome and costly.

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