Installing baths easy process

CONSTRUCTION VANNYUstanovka baths easy process, hardly anyone will dare to engage in self-seting up the bath. In addition to establishing the bath and trim will also should a bath. Generally, we buy a bath for a long time, and on how skillfully and attentively installed, will determine whether to bring us stay in it rest and pleasure. If the setup of the bath is made to the marriage, it may cause it to be reinstalled, and even repair itself toilet. Savings in this case will effect in additional costs. Complexity of the plant in the first put is not to bring down the step by step process. There is a certain order of operations, which must be adhered to. Each tank has its own characteristics and features, which result in individual decisions concerning the process of the plant itself. Schematically bath setup is however follows: Removal of old bathtubs, if any. Before this should shut off the water, drain the remaining h2o. Setup of all the elements flow (overflow and drip). Attaching structural framing and construction of the tub. Negotiation bath with a level and adjustable feet. Connecting the drain to the nearest riser pipes, observing the slope of 2 cm per meter (so drain the water and check for leaks.) Locking pins on the washroom floor with cement. So can be seen from the ordering of the work, the installation begins with the bath drain and trap assembly: plastic wood floor trap with overflow and release or cast iron with brass siphon question and iron overflow. In some cases it is necessary to collect the siphon from the transition tee and others carved on a lathe and welded parts. Before establishing the bath when buying it you get to check the bathroom suite which normally consists of four legs, a siphon for the toilet, connecting corrugated pipe. The washroom must not be perfectly level, is little (about 2-3 mm) inclined towards the drain. If so you need to buy two additional legs adjustable bolt of the same diameter but larger long however Rule 10 cm, if not adjustable legs so stock up 5 mm metal plates. Aqueduct – one of the most important work that requires exceptional skills, otherwise, if not followed, will lead to big trouble associated with flooding or, worst of all, to finance, which will keep to spend another repairs. Our specialists will perform plumbing work: lavatory mounting, installation of wood floor heating, establishing faucet, etc. At the highest level. Our aqueduct service: restroom construction, construction of wood floor heating, seting up faucet, etc. At reasonable prices, It is possible to see for yourself.

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