Step by step renovation outline in the lavatory

And do not say, probably the most difficult overhaul falls exactly on the toilet. It is not just a small rooms with capacity for a bathroom furniture. It also focuses the main washroom room. Therefore decided to replace something in this room are not interchangeable, you must first fully detailed figure out what must go where will be up to the location of pipes. The latter is indispensable to count with great care, because no one so you do not want to flood the neighbors. How if you solve to create a comprehensive overhaul the bathroom, then go in order. The first step is a complete or partial replacement of the pipes. Outdated pipes better substitute. After the change tubes are plastering the walls and ceiling of the restroom on the new. When the plaster is finished, so It is possible to start the setting of electrical and electronic equipment, do not hasten to set up the kitchen faucet Hansgrohe, it is a some wait. The future significant step is the laying of wash tiles or other covering on the floor and walls of the bathroom. And the last step is the plant and connection of new plant, such however a toilet, bath or douche, washbasin, washing machine, dryer towels and other things. However for the pipes. Many people can not decide for a long time to change their pipes, or yet keep the old. If you just may not solve, take a look at your tube at the bottom, where they go to the wood floor. If they start to rust, so they need be changed. If all of them properly, then they may just touch up. In that case, if the location of your pipes do not converge with your plans, for example, you should to buy a Hansgrohe shower bath system Kiev, so It is possible to substitute them in part. By the way, with the best capacity and durable pipes are copper, zinc, of plastic material and metal.

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